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Vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors and partitions are the best alternative for large-scale door locations requiring high-quality heat and noise insulation; these include factory sheds, aircraft hangars, harbours, mining and energy storehouses. Examine the various alternatives and our wide selection of colours. The custom large size industrial doors, craneway doors and partitions we manufacture from standardised components according to customers’ specifications are extremely dependable and have minimal servicing needs. All our fold-up doors are CE-marked and comply with currently valid standards. In very large openings, like hangar doors, width and height are not limited owing to Champion Door’s elevating support post solution.


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Wind test in a European test laboratory
View wind test video of a European test laboratory.

Champion Door hangar doors meet all legal requirements, even for Class 5.

View wind test video of a European test laboratory.

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Champion Door Fire
Champion Door rolling fabric fire doors CDF-E 120 and smoke curtains CDF-S comply with the SFS-standard EN 1634-1 and have been rigorously tested in Finnish fire laboratories. Champion Door fire doors are discreet and take up very little space, enabling them to be installed in new and old buildings inconspicuously.
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Vertical lifting fabric fold-up door alternatives
We supply very large openings. In multiple doors with elevating support post widths are unlimited.
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