Do you know the life cycle cost of your door?

What is the life cycle cost of a product?

Life cycle refers to the period from the definition of a device or system to its final decommissioning and scrapping or future disposal. Usually, most of the cost of a device arises from its use and if it is unusable.
The door’s inoperability can lead to production downtime, which significantly increases the overall cost of a product’s life cycle. For hangars with fighter jets and rescue helicopters, door operation is essential, so a ready-to-use emergency opening system can be the most important function that the door has. Much of the total cost of an industrial door is determined by the design solutions made at the beginning of the life cycle - that is, the features and functions that the customer chooses for his/her product.

It all starts with planning

With good planning and consideration of life cycle costs as early as possible, in-service costs can be significantly reduced. Champion Door fabric lift doors are designed to suit the site so that they work in the best possible way in all the required conditions. Already in the sales discussion, Champion Door's expert sales team can guide you in choosing the right door for each site.

The benefits of the Champion Door fabric fold-up door

The advantage of Champion Door fabric fold-up doors is the light but durable construction. It doesn’t need extra heavy support structures like many other large doors on the market. This alone significantly reduces construction costs. The door fabric can be equipped with additional thermal insulation, which helps to reduce the cost of heating or cooling. Energy costs increase every year, which is why this feature has a particular impact on the life cycle cost of a door.

With a maintenance contract, you reduce your total costs

The life cycle of products can be extended, and downtime can be shortened with preventive maintenance. Champion Door's fabric fold-up door technology is already basically reliable and low-maintenance. Nevertheless, preventive maintenance of the door during operation is an important factor in calculating the life cycle cost of the entire door. Indeed, Champion Door’s maintenance program specifically seeks to reduce door repairs by focusing on preventative maintenance. The most effective means of preventative maintenance is a maintenance contract that ensures that the door is inspected on a regular basis, and wear-out parts replaced in a timely manner - before they lead to major repairs.

Champion Door maintenance

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