All large doors are powered by an electric motor. What if there is a power outage?

Modern emergency opening system guarantees operational reliability

All large doors are powered by an electric motor. What if there is a power outage?

The reliability of doors is extremely important for the smooth operation of our customers' business. Sometimes a lot more is dependent on the operation of the door - for example, rescue helicopters or fighters that have to get out of the hangars as soon as they are needed. Even a moment of disturbance in the doors of aircraft hangars can cause enormous risks and inconveniences.

The reliability of Champion Door's doors has taken another great step forward. As a result of long product development, the company has developed a new, cost-effective way to open the emergency door. It is a stand-alone system that requires no external electricity.

The emergency opening system guarantees excellent reliability and continuity of operation in all situations: rescue helicopters can get out of the hangar as soon as they are needed and fighter pilots can leave even if an external party has tried to cut off power in the hangar or the electric motor has been damaged.

The emergency opening is controlled from the same easy-to-use control panel as the electric motor that normally controls the door movements. If necessary, the opening functions of several doors can be controlled via a single control panel. The control panel technology makes up a large part of the cost of the door, so concentrating operations in one place is a cost-effective option for the customer.

Emergency opening system is a vital addition for those who need the ability to open their doors immediately, in any situation. The feature is one of its kind in the world and can be installed on any Champion Door door.

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