Champion Door's multi-purpose crane doors save energy - and they are smart

Champion Door's crane door technology is unique. Champion Door doors are fold-up fabric doors that can be opened either partially as an access opening or entirely for the crane to exit. Traditional overhead doors are hatch-like and can be time-consuming and laborious to open. In addition, the hatch doors must be fully opened, and the warm air in the upper parts of the hall can escape.

"Energy efficiency is one of the best features of our crane doors. The thermal value with additional heat insulation can be up to 0.57 W / (m2 • K). The doors keep the heat inside and the cold air and wind outside. In warmer places, on the other hand, the heat does not get into the hall," says Ilkka Niinikoski, Sales Director of Champion Door.


Fabric fold-up doors prevent dust from passing from one department to another

Crane opening doors are usually used as exterior doors but also can be used inside as space dividers between different departments in industrial plants such as painting and sandblasting departments. The doors of Champion Door are tight and prevent dust from passing from one department to another.

According to Niinikoski, the doors were initially developed for the needs of Finnish sites. However, interest in the doors grew rapidly elsewhere in Europe, and demand is currently high, especially in Central Europe and the Middle East.

"We quickly noticed that the doors operate well in the demanding conditions of our customers. In addition, positive customer experiences have encouraged us to offer our doors worldwide."


Smart doors tell their user the need for maintenance

According to Niinikoski, it is also possible to have smart door technology for large fabric fold-up doors. Champion Door has designed intelligent technology for the door that allows the door to tell its user when it needs service. Sensors built into the door detect the problem. The information is stored over an encrypted connection to the cloud service, from where the message can be routed directly to the user or the Champion Door's service team, for example.

"With our smart door technology, a potential starting problem can be detected and serviced even before it becomes an actual defect. This technology will be available for all Champion Door doors."

According to Niinikoski, intelligent technology is a trend that Champion Door is investing in to ensure the smooth operation of customers' processes.

"Our continuous development has taken us into the world market. I consider us to be at the forefront of innovation in this field. With the help of intelligent technology, the usability of our doors is close to one hundred percent."

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