Champion Door supports staff personally and professionally – Ruth Maravilla: “I feel seen, heard and valued”

Ruth Maravilla has worked at Champion Door’s Dubai office for seven years. Maravilla, who is originally from the Philippines, was only visiting Dubai when she applied as Administrative Assistant for the Finnish Champion Door’s Dubai office.

"I accepted Champion Door’s job offer because I felt I could really contribute to the company. I was excited to start working with them. I like the fact that European companies have very high standards of work. I am happy they decided to hire me."

Champion Door soon recognized Maravilla’s skills in technical support. Maravilla now works in close contact with Champion Door’s sales teams, providing them with technical documents that enable sellers to complete offers.

"Champion Door not only recognized my skills but actually made changes to my job description accordingly. It made me feel seen, heard and valued."


Champion Door helped Maravilla reunite with her son

In addition to Champion Door noticing people’s skills, they also take into account staff’s personal lives.

"Champion Door asked me if I had family in the Philippines and if I wanted to bring them to Dubai. They addressed my concerns and provided me with financial help that enabled me to bring my son here to live with me. Champion Door really succeeds in taking care of their staff."

Champion Door’s Dubai office employs five people: two from the Philippines, two from Zimbabwe and a local manager. Maravilla, a Filipina, might therefore be working with her African colleagues in the Dubai office of the Finnish company she works for, exchanging e-mails with a French CTO and sales team. Maravilla feels that international communication has been trouble-free and a natural everyday part of working at Champion Door.

"Champion Door truly is an international company. We do not only work for a specific customer base. Everyone here has a sort of a global mindset. Internationality is also a great benefit for our customers. They can have service in their native language and / or in their native country."


Company values put into practice in everyday work life

Champion Door’s company values include honest business and customer relations, good ethics and integrity both with customers and in the workplace. Maravilla sees these values in practice in her everyday work life.

"I also feel that Champion Door gives everyone equal opportunities regardless of age, gender and nationality. I am a prime example myself. I was a foreigner in Dubai and got the exact same opportunity as everyone else."

Maravilla does not think twice when asked about the best part of working at Champion Door.

"The people. Everyone is respectful, considerate and understanding. Our work loads are manageable, we are offered training and tools for making our work more efficient and the best of all: we are valued. I am happy to work with Champion Door."

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