Champion Door Presents Vertical Lifting Fabric Hangar Doors at MRO Middle East

Champion Door will participate in the MRO Middle East in Dubai March 1─2. MRO Middle East is the leading exhibition for the global airline supply chain. According to UAE Country Manager Bassam Salloum, Champion Door is excited to introduce to the visitors not only their product selection, but the company’s recent developments as well.

─ We are thrilled to be back at MRO ME after a 2-year break and to meet our existing and potential customers. Champion Door has been able to evolve and develop even though the past couple of years have not been the easiest, which I am proud of.


Champion Door Actively Develops Solutions for Area-Specific Challenges

Aviation is Champion Door’s biggest business segment in the Gulf Countries. Their main customers within the segment are operators from other areas, often Europe, who are looking to open aviation services or maintenance hangars in the Arabic Emirates or the neighboring countries. Bassam has noted that at the end of the day, customers’ wishes are quite consistent. They are looking to accomplish two things when they purchase a new door: to allow access into the building and to protect what is inside the building.

─ If you have a Boeing 747 with a wingspan of 70 meters, you need a door that is approximately 75 meters wide. That is quite an opening to be closed. In aviation, functionality is also key: the door has to function always. No delays. Sounds like a pretty basic requirement for a door, but with a door that is 35─50 tons of metal and fabrics, a lot could go wrong. That is why customers reach out to us.

Customers in the Middle East also have special requirements due to weather conditions. In the vicinity of a desert, even a lighter wind will blow sand around. Sand can absolutely not get into the aircraft’s engine or inside spray hangars where it could affect the surface finish. It is also crucial that doors are able to keep out birds and rodents.

─ It is fantastic how Champion Door has actively sought solutions for the challenges of local customers. We have added special components for the doors’ edges that seal the gaps, resulting in a tight-fit door. We can now provide the needed protection and respond to customer demand.


Champion Door Is One of the Few Companies in the World to Manufacture Large Industrial Vertical Lifting Fabric Doors

Champion Door welcomes to their stand all visitors that are interested in their products. Bassam will be at the exhibition together with Champion Door’s Country Manager of France Gilles Flament and Sales Director Ilkka Niinikoski.

─ Champion Door is one of the two or three companies in the world to manufacture large industrial vertical lifting fabric doors. We are looking forward to meeting existing and potential customers and presenting our company and our products to them. I believe it is safe to say that our products are extremely interesting to anyone building or upgrading a hangar. We hope to see you there!


The MRO Middle East will be held March 1–2, 2023 in the Dubai World Trade Centre. You will find Champion Door at booth 525.

Champion Door will also participate in the Paris Air Show (June 19–25) and in MRO Europe in Amsterdam (October 17–19).

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