"We needed a door to provide protection from the strong winds of the desert"

AM Shipyard is satisfied with their shipyard door – Fast delivery, without headaches and without interrupting work

AM Shipyard is a shipyard and maintenance company established in 2001, located in Abu Dhabi, Mussafah district. It has extensive facilities and personnel for the construction and maintenance of seagoing vessels.

Our shipyard is located in Abu Dhabi, where the desert winds blow hard. We needed a door for our hall that would be durable and provide good protection against the winds.

An NK2 Double door with a thickness of 280 mm was installed at the AM Shipyard. The doors from Champion Door are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as strong desert winds and sand dust. The thermal insulation of the doors is also state-of-the-art, so they keep the comfort of working in the hall at their best, even if the heat is blazing hot outside.

ꟷ Champion Door delivered the door in a very short time and the installation was done under the supervision of the company. The company staff was very helpful and helped in all stages of the installation. The whole project went through without headaches and without disrupting our work, says Ronnie Christodoulies, CEO of AM Shipyard.

AM Shipyard hoped for a unique door that would not only meet the requirements of the site’s conditions, but would also have the company’s brand look. Champion Door designed and manufactured the door as a customized job. The company's sales, design and technical departments always work closely together to provide the customer with a door that meets the customer's needs in all its features.

ꟷ We got a unique door that was installed in a frame structure designed for us by Champion Door. The door shows the brand of our shipyard and has windows that give light and good visibility to the outside even when the door is closed.

Thanks to their durable construction and intelligent technical solutions, Champion Door doors are reliable and the need for maintenance is minimal. The lower the need for maintenance, the door’s life cycle cost decreases even more. A functioning door also has a direct impact on working comfort and efficiency.

ꟷ The door was installed for us in 2018 and has been working flawlessly ever since. We recommend Champion Door to all companies that need an efficient and reliable door.

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