Warehouse worker Ville Knuutila enjoys responsibility: "It's important for me to get my brain ticking."

Warehouse worker Ville Knuutila has been working at Champion Door for 10 years. Knuutila, who works in the warehouse and dispatch department, oversees the implementation and progress of new projects in his work. The job requires extreme precision and the ability to manage the big picture.

"In practice, my job involves gathering goods, packaging and labeling, as well as project monitoring and warehouse management. I receive goods and make sure they are stored in the right place according to the correct project. I also gather projects, meaning I ensure that a delivery related to a specific project contains the right goods and that they are packed in the right order. If there are, for example, 10 projects running simultaneously, it's like handling a massive jigsaw puzzle. I'd say my job requires almost neurotic precision and the ability to notice even the smallest nuances."

According to Knuutila, it's crucial in the production controller's job to think about what happens once their part of the work is done: to ensure that everything is in order at the next location, for example, at the installation site.

"Mistakes are easy to correct at this end, but it becomes a much bigger problem if, for instance, something is found missing from the shipment in New Zealand. There's a lot of responsibility, but I personally enjoy it and am glad it's been given to me. I'm at my best under a bit of pressure."

Knuutila recalls an incident in his career where a load was packed to the top in a vehicle, ready for transport. However, the driver soon reported an issue with the vehicle's axle weight. In the end, the entire load had to be unpacked and reloaded in reverse.

"It wasn't a laughing matter at the time, but nowadays it makes me chuckle."


Champion Door encouraged further education and a new job description

Knuutila began at Champion Door first by assembling shelves, then as a CNC machinist, and finally manufacturing door fabrics. Production and Purchase Manager Anne Tölli, however, took note of Knuutila's sharp and exact nature and offered him a role as a dispatch worker. After Knuutila had worked in the dispatch and warehouse for a few years, he was approached again - this time by CEO Pekka Hosio and Office Manager Marja Vaartamo.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I was encouraged to advance my career again - this time with further education. Challenges and responsibility always interest me, so I agreed. As a result, I earned my first degree: I completed the International Business Specialist Examination at the Management Institute of Finland in Helsinki."

The degree, combined with solid grassroots experience, opens up new career path opportunities for Knuutila, such as project management. However, the training also strengthened Knuutila's professional skills in his current role.

"My knowledge of business and delivery terms is now much deeper, which supports my current job. Our Production and Procurement manager, Anne Tölli, was my counselor, and she provided really good perspectives along the way."


"Every day, you have to use your head"

Knuutila praises Champion Door for the educational and career path opportunities and also for fairness. Knuutila plays drums in various bands, and for instance, tour trips have always been arranged. Knuutila feels that Champion Door offers understanding regarding life outside of work and enables arranging work around it. Above all, Knuutila values openness in his work environment.

"This team deserves credit for how each member's favorite things - precision and also openness - contribute to achieving a good end result. Everyone is proactive and keeps the team updated in problematic situations. We also have fun. We get to laugh every day."

Having had a 10-year career at Champion Door, Knuutila has an answer ready when asked why he has enjoyed the company for so long:

"I get to learn something new all the time. Every day, you have to use your head. It's important for me to get my brain ticking and to think about what I'm doing and why."

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