Large size fabric fold-up doors

Welcome to Champion Door - manufacturer of the most reliable vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors. Our product range includes hangar doors, shipyard doors and industrial doors for tough applications and environments.

Champion Door manufactures vertical lifting fold-up doors for very large openings. Our products include hangar doors, industrial doors, dock and shipyard doors and crane doors. Served industries include process industry, shipyards, aircraft hangars, mining and mineral processing, shotblasting and paint facilities, energy, recycling, commercial buildings and distribution centers.

Champion Door's extensive experience in vertical opening hangar door manufacturing has shown that our vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors are the best alternative for large-scale door locations; light enough, yet durable and with possibilities of high-quality heat and noise insulation. Please examine our site for the various product alternatives for all kinds of needs, and our wide selection of colours.

The custom large size industrial doors, crane doors and partitions we manufacture from standardized components according to customers’ specifications are extremely dependable and have minimal servicing needs. All our vertical opening fabric fold-up doors are CE-marked and comply with currently valid standards. In very large openings, like hangar doors, width and height are not limited owing to Champion Door’s elevating support post solution.



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ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia chose Champion Door's 140-meter hangar door for unmatched efficiency, reliability and expertise

ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia has recently opened a brand-new hangar at the Subang Airport, formally known as the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The new hangar features a Champion Door NK2 Double fabric fold-up door measuring up to an incredible 140 meters in width.

Launch news: Champion Door’s CD Cloud remote management and monitoring system revolutionizes door maintenance

Champion Door has launched CD Cloud, one of the world’s first remote door management and monitoring systems. The groundbreaking system is a visual representation of the customer’s door. It provides real-time information on the door’s function and the surrounding conditions.

Champion Door’s active service ensures architects can deliver a successful project to the end customer

“At Champion Door, everyone supports everyone. We want to remain at architects’ disposal and serve them in an effective manner both proactively and reactively. We offer personal customer service and meet architects and designers face-to-face whenever possible. Doing what we say and what we promise has proven to be a good policy.”