Industrial Doors

Champion Door’s industrial doors have no size limits and have several different electronic control options. The doors are highly resistant to weather conditions, wind and dirt. Champion Door’s industrial doors are built to provide reliable operation even in cold conditions. With top-class thermal insulation, the doors also work reliably in sub-zero temperatures. Champion Door’s industrial doors have the best thermal insulation properties of the door types on the market, minimizing condensation. This prevents the door from freezing and ensures reliable operation. With low maintenance requirements, Champion Door’s industrial doors also have low life-cycle costs.

Champion Door’s industrial doors can be made as large as necessary; there are no size limitations. The doors are made with various frame thicknesses according to the door size. The door support structure does not take up any space on the sides or inside the building as the door folds straight up. Champion Door manufactures industrial doors for all wind classes.

The control type for industrial doors can be selected to best suit each application. The basic control type is triple button control, and options available include radio, pull switch, radar and induction loop control.

Several different special fabrics are available for use instead of the basic fabric. For hot conditions, it is possible to install a silicone fabric that is resistant to hot molten metal splashes. A thermally insulated fabric will keep the indoor temperature steady, bringing savings in both cold and hot conditions. An anti-burglar fabric will keep unauthorized visitors out, and a translucent fabric allows 48 per cent of light through. Windows are available as an optional accessory.

Champion Door industrial doors:
• High resistance to wind, moisture, dirt and dust
• Reliable operation and affordable maintenance
• Low life-cycle costs – little maintenance needed
• Minimal condensation
• No freezing
• No size limits
• Several textile options: silicone, thermally insulated, anti-burglar and translucent fabrics
• Adjustable electronic control: triple button, radio, pull switch, radar and induction loop control

Service concept

Champion Door offers a comprehensive service concept intended to make the acquisition and use of doors as easy as possible, all the way from the design stage to the maintenance service covering the entire service life. We offer our customers full support service starting from the design stage – for example, you may download ready-made BIM objects from our website to support architectural design. We also make accurate strength calculations and customized plans on a door and project specific basis. We can ensure the performance of of our products by signing a maintenance contract with the customer and making the regular maintenance visits included in it.

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