CD Cloud

Champion Door Cloud remote management system ensures the reliability of doors

CD Cloud is an easy-to-use visual remote management and monitoring system for doors. CD Cloud allows monitoring of door functions and revolutionizes collaboration with local maintenance services. CD Cloud notifies both the customer and the experts at the Finnish factory of any potential faults in the door or its opening mechanism. The customer can grant access to CD Cloud to a local maintenance partner, who, in the event of a fault, assesses the situation. If the fault is not critical, the maintenance service can bypass it and grant permission to the customer to open the door.

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- Real-time monitoring system
- Secure internet connection
- User-friendly interface, does not require a logic expert
- Automatic error log recording
- User levels for the customer and the maintenance service

Leading smart features in fabric lifting doors
Our doors are equipped with sensors that monitor the door and its surroundings. For example, CD Cloud can alert users to temperature differences, assisting in optimizing energy costs. Additionally, it can send text messages to customers when the wind load limit is exceeded, allowing users to close the doors to prevent damage.

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