EasyWhistle whistleblowing channel

We use the EasyWhistle whistleblowing channel, through which our employees, customers and external stakeholders can submit reports of abuse or misconduct. Through the whistleblowing channel, we promote transparency and openness in our organisation.

Our whistleblowing channel is an anonymous and independent service implemented by an external service provider, Easywhistle Oy. All reports will be processed confidentially. If necessary, we will ask you for more information. Through this channel, we also report on the progress of the case. More information about the service can be found at https://www.easywhistle.com/users.

The whistleblowing channel is intended only for intervening in cases of abuse or activities that are unethical, go against our values or are illegal. You can give customer feedback directly to your contact person at Champion Door or via email info@championdoor.com.

To submit a report, click the address below: