Does Champion Door manufacture only fabric fold-up doors?
Yes, Champion Door only manufactures vertical-lifting fabric fold-up doors.

What are the door sizes that Champion Door manufacture?
There is no size limit. The width and height are limited only by the design of the building.

Where are Champion Door products manufactured?
Champion Door manufactures its doors in Finland.

Does Champion Door only produce European Standard doors?
Champion Door manufactures its doors according to the approved Standards, being European, US or Australian Standard.

Can Champion Door provide products withstanding 180 km/h wind speed?
Yes, we can design the door to withstand 180 km/h or higher.

Is the fabric or the door fire rated?
The fabric and the door are fire-retardant, known as well as self-extinguishing. The fabric is classified M2 and C-S2-d0 according to Euro class EN13501-1.

How long does the door fabric last?
The fabric is guaranteed to last for 20 years.

Does the fabric fade due to UV rays?
No, the fabric is lacquer coated on both sides, therefore it is highly resistant to UV rays.

What happens if there is a tear in the fabric?
For quick repair we can provide a fabric patch-kit. However, Champion Door innovative fabric strips design allows for a fast fabric strip replacement, which can be purchased along with the door as a spare part.

What fabric colours are available?
Champion Door provides various colour options. Click here to see the colour map. If the customer wants to have a certain colour, not included in the colour map, we can check its availability.

Are the Champion Door products thermally insulated?
The standard doors are not thermally insulated. However, we can provide thermal insulation when required.

What other special fabric options are available?
Champion Door has a specific fabric for different usages: Fabrics for sound reduction, acoustic insulation, anti-static fabrics for ATEX areas, fabrics with windows (vision panels), security fabrics for burglar proofing, rubber protection for sand blasting workshops, insect screen, and translucent fabric for additional lighting.

What is the opening speed of the door?
The speed of the door is 0.16m/sec, equivalent to 10m/min.

Can the door be equipped with an anti-burglary fabric?
Yes, and the security level is RC 3 (resistance class) according to Standard EN 1627.

Can the doors be equipped for ATEX area?
Yes, we can provide ATEX motors and antistatic fabrics if required.
Quite often the ATEX area is limited to a certain height and perhaps the standard motors above the doors can be enough. Our sales team will advise you on this matter.

Can Champion Door provide installation?
Champion Door can arrange for an installation team in many countries. We recommend that you contact our sales team for additional information regarding regulations in your country so that we can ensure installation team availability.

Will I void the warranty if I assign my door contractor to install your door?
No, Champion Door will provide its own technical supervisor to guide your contractor and installation team throughout the entire installation. During negotiations our sales managers will advise you accordingly.

Can Champion Door provide service for doors installed abroad?
Yes, we can provide services through our own technicians or our local partners.
If agreed our technician or installation team can also instruct your technician for basic maintenance and trouble shooting.

How do climate-controlled buildings benefit by using Champion Door’s products?
Champion Door’s thermal insulation provides a U-Value of 0.7W/m²K. Additionally all aluminum side rails are fitted with thick brushes on both sides to block any wind-borne sand, and wide weather pads on the internal edges of the fabrics press tight against the side rails to eliminate any gaps, this design provides an excellent protection against wind infiltration.

How could the door be operated in case of a power or motor failure?
A manual hand crank or chain is provided as standard. This manual solution however does not work for large size doors with multiple motors. We have solved this by providing a battery-operated hydraulic back-up system (also available as a moveable unit), designed to open the doors in case of a lack of power or motor failure. In case of power failure only, a back-up power switch can be also implemented.

Where can I find more information about Champion Door products and ask for a quote?
You will find the contact information of our sales team close to your location from our website “Contact us”. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.