The fabric fold-up door is an architect's dream

The significance of the door solution should not be underestimated when designing industrial buildings and aircraft or shipyard halls. A large door is a big decision that has long-term implications for the working conditions and productivity of the space.

Fabric fold-up doors are an excellent alternative for large door openings and applications where good thermal insulation and resistance to varying conditions are required. Metal-surfaced and aluminum-framed doors cannot be built as large and are not as practical for all purposes. Champion Door offers a full support service to assist in your design to make choosing the right door solution as easy as possible.

— We spend a lot of time in the pre-study phase to make sure the door meets the real needs of the customer. We perform wind load calculations for each door to ensure the door withstands the climatic requirements of the site. The calculations are then verified by a third party on behalf of our client, says Baptiste de la Bouvrie, Technical Director of Champion Door.

The whole building does not have to be designed on the door’s terms

Many traditional door solutions and even some fabric fold-up door types are so heavy in construction that the architect must consider their weight in the design of the entire building. If the doors open sideways, you must remember to reserve plenty of space for them on the sides of the door as well, as the door takes up a lot of space when opened. The lightweight Champion Door fabric fold-up door makes the architect's practical and aesthetic dreams come true, as the building does not have to be designed on the door’s terms.

ꟷ A lightweight door does not need heavy structures to support it, so it can even save on construction costs. The door folds up when it opens, so there is no need to reserve any floor space for opening, de la Bouvrie explains.

The fabric lift door also does not need rails to the floor, such as sliding doors need when moving sideways along the rails. Thus, it allows a safer workspace for staff and equipment moving in the area.

Reliability in extreme conditions

Fabric lift doors are from the Nordics. They work well even in cold conditions where traditional door solutions may have difficulties. Fabric doors do not freeze or jam, even if there is only ice and snow around. Heat stays inside, snow and moisture outside.

In hot conditions, the tightness of the fabric fold-up door and the advanced fabric material, on the other hand, keep heat, sand and dust away from the building and from disturbing work. Unlike traditional lift door solutions, no dust or dirt can accumulate on the ends of the Champion Door’s door side rails or door joints, which could, in the worst case, stop the door from working.

ꟷ Champion Door fabric fold-up doors are extremely easy to use, reliable and require minimal maintenance. Reliability and longevity significantly reduce the life cycle cost of a door.

”We want to make the designer happy”

Fabric fold-up doors are manufactured with millimeter precision of almost any size, color and appearance.

ꟷ The door can be made with a company logo or any design. We have made a lot of very different types of doors. Of course, we also have our limitations, but we always do our best to make the building designer happy, de la Bouvrie says.

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