Eastern Europe looks for hangar doors and ecological solutions

The Eastern European industry is booming - check out our operations in Poland!

Champion Door is an international company with Finnish roots. We serve our customers globally and our staff and partners live in many countries around the world.

Our world tour in the home countries of Champion Door employees continues - now we land in Poland!

Andrzej Polkowski, Country Director of Champion Door Poland, has been working with industrial doors for more than a decade. Champion Door's products became familiar to him while working as the general manager of a company focused on smaller industrial doors.

ꟷ When our customers needed large doors to challenging sites, we offered them Champion Door products. In addition to unique door solutions, I appreciated the company’s solution-focused and idea-rich corporate culture, so when my former employer was sold to a larger company, switching to the Champion Door ranks was a natural move for me.

Today, Polkowski works as Country Manager for Champion Door. In addition to Poland, he is responsible for door projects throughout the Eastern European region. His long experience in the door business and industry in Poland gives a good starting point for acting in the role and developing regional operations.

ꟷThe best thing about my job is working with our clients and solving their challenges. Each door opening is different and each door has different features, so no project is the same. It inspires me. In my work, I work closely with other international teams so that we can always provide our customers with the most value-added solutions.

Eastern Europe looks for hangar doors and ecological solutions

Polkowski says there is now a need for large industrial doors in Eastern Europe, especially in shipyards and airports.

ꟷ Surprisingly, during the global pandemic and in the wake of troubles in air traffic, we have received constant inquiries about new hangar doors. Companies don’t want to be dependent on the changing schedules of big airlines, so they’ve acquired their own aircraft to secure their business. The plane, of course, needs a hangar and a secure door that they know they can get from us.

Each one of Champion Door’s doors are tailor-made, so customer wishes also guide the company's product development. Now the wishes emphasize ecology, among other things.

ꟷMany companies want to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. Our thermally insulated doors make it possible in both cold and hot climates.

An agile company values its people

Polkowski says that despite its wide area of operation, Champion Door is as agile as a small business. The company does not tailor people to fit into a particular role, but the roles are built according to the persons’ skills and strengths. In this way, everyone will be able to use their true potential. People know each other personally regardless of status, so collaboration is seamless and inquiries are always answered promptly.

ꟷ Our clients have said that they appreciate that we actively take care of all their needs, both during project design and installation, and after that through proactive service and maintenance.

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