Champion Door provides quality customer service at every stage of the project - and beyond.

Champion Door takes care of its customers both during and after the projects. According to Mervi Kajuutti, a project manager, the cornerstones of efficient customer service are careful planning and sales work, thorough training in the use of doors, and 24-hour customer service.

“We have a 24-hour telephone service that will either provide first aid for a potential problem, send service on-site, or do both. Help is available quickly via video connection, so the customer does not have to wait for assistance to arrive. Quick help in problem situations keeps the customer's business running. For example, planes have to get out of the hangar on schedule.”

On-site maintenance is handled by Champion Door either by itself or through a partner. Both options offer an unbeatable advantage to the customer. The expertise provided by Champion Door's maintenance is unmatched, while the customer receives service from a local partner, Champion Door's selection, on a tight schedule and in their language.


The customer is not left alone with their new door

Customer support is based on careful design work. Projects carefully planned together with the client stay on schedule and budget. The design work also ensures that the customer's operations continue as efficiently as possible during installation. During or soon after the end of the project, training in the use of the door will be provided.

“It is of paramount importance that customers know how to use the doors of bridge crane openings and hangars, which are exceptional in shape or size. Therefore, we offer a minimum two-year warranty on our doors, during which we perform regular inspection services. During these visits, we want to support the customer using the door and hear how they are doing.”

Champion Door also enters into maintenance agreements with its customers, in which case the door is serviced regularly 1-2 times a year. Champion Door's door solutions are unique, so to the customer's advantage, the door is serviced by the same party that designed it.

"Compared to many others, our doors are virtually maintenance-free and reliable, so our skilled service technicians will survive satisfactorily with little during the visits", Kajuutti laughs.


Customers' challenges are solved through close cooperation

At Champion Door, the customer is served by a whole host of experts instead of just a salesperson. The professional team will be able to answer questions about each stage of the project.

"We work as a team inside the company, but also with our subcontractors. In addition to close cooperation, our strengths include finding solutions to our customers' varying challenges. We are also a responsible domestic player who takes regulations on documentation, for example, seriously. These issues form a solid foundation from which Champion Door strives forward.

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