The unique characteristics of the Finnish market are met with a versatile door selection and comprehensive customer service.

Key account managers Ulla-Päivi Ahola and Petteri Leskinen are the faces of Champion Door for Finnish customers. In their work, Leskinen, and Ahola support, among other things, construction firms and architects, for whom they provide the technical information needed in the planning phase of the building, such as the space to be reserved for the door and the weights of the fabric and doors.

Key customer managers can also ask about other issues in the process of purchasing doors, such as how the doors are installed. Based on the information, calculations and proposals are made for the customer.

"We try to help our customers as comprehensively as possible. We dare say that our knowledge of these products is as deep as it gets. All the most detailed information is available, and they can be transferred electronically directly to the building's design program," Leskinen says.


Professional skill is born from technical know-how, market knowledge, and the love of serving the customer

According to Leskinen and Ahola, Finland has a diverse customer base. Finland is an important market area for the internationally operating Champion Door. In Finland, many deals are made with smaller doors and curtains, such as the doors of machine warehouses, waste stations, and the interior doors of sports halls.

In the Finnish climate, one of the essential features of a door is thermal insulation. When the warm air cannot escape, for example, from production facilities, working conditions remain good, and heating costs are reduced. In connection with exterior door offers, Champion Door also calculates wind loads, which is a beneficial service for both domestic and international customers.

According to Leskinen and Ahola, Finnish customers benefit from Champion Door's domesticity. Freight and maintenance costs are reasonable, and the customers get service in their native language. Customer service is provided by someone familiar with local legislation, such as climate-related special features. Working with the customer is near and dear to the hearts of both key account managers.

"I have worked with customers for more than 30 years. It has become my area of expertise. I have a civil engineering degree, so I also use my technical way of thinking in my work. I can operate on the same wavelength as, for example, builders," Leskinen says.

Calculations made on Ahola's keyboard for customers flow efficiently after working for Champion Door for 35 years. In addition to numerical competence, the domestic sales expert states that her exceptional strength is customer service work and long-term customer relationships.

"I love my customers! My background with Champion Door is so long that they are already almost my friends. I try to serve them as well as possible - I accept and, if necessary, pass on compliments as much as possible and develop ideas too. I take care of the calculation schedules and give recommendations when possible."


"The Champion Door's doors are an investment in your business"

According to Leskinen and Ahola, Champion Door's triumph card is its durable and versatile products.

"Champion Door's doors are an investment in the future of the building and business. From time to time, we run into 30-year-old, perfectly functioning Champion Door fabric fold-up doors. Fixed doors have had to be changed three or four times already in that time," says Ahola.

"We are the largest domestic operator in this field, with one of the most comprehensive contact networks that the customers need. From our versatile door options, we can assemble exactly what our customers needs. If you want a door that will last 40 years in your building, it's worth purchasing it from us," Leskinen sums up.

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