Champion Door’s active service ensures architects can deliver a successful project to the end customer

Champion Door remains in on-going interaction with architects and designers during and outside of door projects. Champion Door actively follows current events and news from the construction fields and regularly participates in and visits related exhibitions and trade shows. Bassam Salloum, Champion Door’s Country Manager in the United Arab Emirates, regularly meets designers and presents to them Champion Door’s latest developments. In the area, quick responses and reactions have become Champion Door’s point of distinction.

“We will not take weeks to answer an e-mail. In our area, things happen quickly. A hangar can be built in 6-8 months. A supplier has to be able to act fast in order for the customer’s project to succeed. If a design needs changes, we can provide a new drawing the next day. If there is a problem with an installation, I can be there in an hour to solve the problem. In the offer phase, we offer architects full support whether we are chosen as supplier or not. This kind of service ensures that the architect can deliver a successful project to the end customer.”

Swift service does not only apply to Champion Door’s sales team: the company’s Dubai office has their own engineering and service teams that are active on the ground. They also engage in active mutual communication with the Champion Door factory in Finland.

“At Champion Door, everyone supports everyone. We want to remain at architects’ disposal and serve them in an effective manner both proactively and reactively. We offer personal customer service and meet architects and designers face-to-face whenever possible. Doing what we say and what we promise has proven to be a good policy.”

A Variety of Accessories and Safety Features for Large Door Systems

Reaching a successful result in a door project requires efficient service, but also an excellent product. Providing an accurate offer for a door that best suits the end customer’s needs starts with two things: 1. the building’s wind load design and 2. the clear dimensions of the opening. After these are confirmed, the customer has a variety of options to choose from. Options include, among others:

  • automatic lock controls
  • remote operation and troubleshooting
  • access authorizations
  • traffic lights

The designers also have plenty of door accessories to choose from. These include window vision panels, special fabrics such as anti-static, acoustic or thermal fabrics, as well as plenty of color options.

Champion Door’s products’ safety features include a newly upgraded fire response that allows the door to automatically open or close, depending on whether the building has a water suppression or a foam expansion alarm, during a fire alarm situation. However, if an electric shutdown occurs simultaneously, the door will shut down as well. That is why it is crucial that fire exit doors can be incorporated into every door panel.

“Generally, if the door system is more than 45 meters wide, a fire exit must be incorporated. Because of the door’s bottom beam, the man doors previously had to have steps which made them unacceptable as fire exits. The new Champion Door fire exit door only has a threshold, which means it is an approved fire exit.”

At the end of the day, Salloum believes there is one thing that makes Champion Door stand out: the quality of their products.

“Our doors are high-performance products. In a malfunctioning situation, even a one-hour delay can be very costly to the customer. At airports, for example, delaying an aircraft is simply not an option. The architects we have worked with have been pleased to have discovered that there is a product they can truly trust.”

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