Launch news: Champion Door’s CD Cloud remote management and monitoring system revolutionizes door maintenance

Champion Door has launched CD Cloud, one of the world’s first remote door management and monitoring systems. The groundbreaking system is a visual representation of the customer’s door. It provides real-time information on the door’s function and the surrounding conditions.

If problems arise, the door alerts the customer, the local Champion Door partner and the Champion Door headquarters in Finland. The local maintenance partner, trained and certified by Champion Door, can log into the system, which visually indicates the source of the problem and gives detailed, clear action instructions. If not critical, the alert can be temporarily bypassed in order to guarantee operations in urgent situations. All errors are recorded in the system log.

CD Cloud transforms the way customers collaborate with local maintenance teams. Customers can rest assured that a certified, trained maintenance team, operating in the same time zone and communicating in the same language, is consistently accessible. From the system, the team also obtains the needed prior information of the situation and therefore arrives equipped with the right tooling. With CD Cloud, fault situations are resolved with unparallelled speed and accuracy. All of the customer’s doors can be integrated into CD Cloud.


The secure, easy-to-use CD Cloud enables quick, accurate maintenance – minimizes downtime

The brilliance of CD Cloud lies in its visual, simple and secure user interface. The interface has been designed together with Wago GmbH & Co KG. Wago is a high-quality German supplier of products ranging from interconnection electronics to smart automation systems. CD Cloud is encrypted and equipped with strong, comprehensive cybersecurity measures. Access is only granted to customer-defined parties with the different levels of access defining the operations that can be performed in the system. On account of the interface’s visuality, simpleness and user guidance, maintenance can be performed quickly without flipping through user manuals and searching for error codes.

With the system, maintenance can be performed without the involvement of Champion Door’s Finnish factory, often located thousands of kilometers away in a different time zone. The system also alerts the user of incipient faults, enabling their timely addressment and, consequently, preventing future malfunction. The innovative system therefore not only transforms the way customers seek and receive service as well as the quickness and accuracy doors are maintained with, but also helps minimize future issues and door downtime.

“As a technology leader in the manufacturing of large, fabric fold-up doors, we have now come together with technology leaders in their own respective fields and created a safe, easy-to-use system that is revolutionary to sustaining operations in hangars, industrial facilities and shipyards. We are excited to further advance our customers’ operations and to continue forward as pioneers in shaping the future of our industry”, says Ilkka Niinikoski, Sales Director at Champion Door.


CD Cloud in brief
  • Remote door management and monitoring system
  • Provides real-time information on the door’s function and the surrounding conditions
  • Alerts the customer, Champion Door’s local partner and Champion Door of faults
  • Indicates the source of the problem and instructs the user on solving it
  • Possibility of bypassing non-critical faults – door operational in urgent situations
  • Quick, accurate, local maintenance by certified maintenance partner
  • Also detects incipient faults
  • Visual, easy to use
  • Safe, cyber-secure

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